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Precision for Medicine’s NGS-Characterized Biospecimens Library

Library Details

13K+ Biospecimens

15 Oncology Indications

Sequenced via:

  • Oncomine Precision Assay
  • TruSight™ Oncology 500 Assay

Biospecimen Types

FFPE Blocks:

Tumor, Normal, and Adjacent Tissues

H&E Images

for every NGS Biospecimen

Isolated DNA/RNA

for most samples

Available Data

  • Characterization Data
  • Surgical Pathology Report
  • Histologic Subtype
  • Grade/Stage
  • Demographics

Details of Precision’s Library of Two NGS-Characterized Biospecimen Indications: Variant Data for Lung Cancer and CRC Biospecimens

Lung Cancer Biospecimens by Variant

Colorectal Cancer Biospecimens by Variant

*Not all lung or colorectal cancer samples sequenced contained one of the listed variants.

Deeper Dive Into Lung Cancer Characterization Data

Lung Cancer Biospecimens by Cancer Subtype

Lung Cancer Biospecimens by QC Metrics

*Not all of the samples passed extraction or sequencing QC metrics

Biospecimen Content and Information Available

FFPE Tissue Slides

Characterization Data

Below is a table showing examples of some of the data available. Additional (not shown) data include: Surgical procedure, Stage, Demographics, % Tumor, % Necrosis, NGS assay

H&E Images


Characterized Biospecimens in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Development

A deep understanding of the disease of interest is fundamental to any drug or diagnostic development effort. To optimize target identification, drug development, and patient selection, it is essential to have the right biospecimens—fit-for-purpose samples that are well characterized and that can be used to answer the scientific question being asked.

Precision for Medicine offers a selection of high-quality characterized biospecimens, as well as specialty lab services to assess these biospecimens using several technologies.

IHC and mlF

  • Leica BOND

  • Dako Omnis,
    Dako Link 48, Artisan

  • Ventana BenchMark

  • Akoya Phenolmager™ HT

  • Pathology Services

Digital Pathology and Slide Scanning

  • Proscia Concentriq®

  • Aperio GT 450

  • Aperio AT2


NGS and Genomics

  • NGS: Illumina,
    Thermo Fisher

  • NanoString

  • ddPCR, qPCR

  • 10x genomics

Learn More About the Uses of Characterized Biospecimens

Precision’s Tissue Biospecimen Biorepository

Precision’s tissue biorepository contains >3 million FFPE samples and several million histology slides covering a full spectrum of oncologic and medical diseases

Precision’s NGS Characterization Panels

Precision Uses the TruSight™ Oncology 500 (TSO 500) Panel and the Oncomine Precision Assay (OPA) Panel to Characterize Oncology Biospecimens

TSO 500 Assay Details: Detects 523 genes. Below are some key biomarkers detected:

OPA Biomarkers

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