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Same-Day Delivery Available

Join our international network of biospecimen providers and help shape the future of medicine.

Help your patients help others

Instead of discarding or storing excess biofluids, solid tissue, or cells, you can help your patients make a difference in the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics by donating their medical waste to research.

Effortlessly meet the growing need for biospecimens

With only small changes to your internal workflows, thanks to our streamlined processes and extensive infrastructure, your organization can have a big impact on the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Generate additional revenue

In addition to helping drive new biomedical discoveries, your biospecimen contributions will create a sustainable new revenue stream for your organization.

Be one of our many scientists and sponsors who have developed life-changing treatments

By partnering with with Precision, you get the certainty of knowing that your biospecimens will contribute to the future of medicine in an anonymous - regulatory compliant manner.A confidence which is built upon our 20+ years of experience in the collection of biospecimens intended for research and clinical trials.

How the process works

1. Set up a meeting
Tell us about your organization’s patient population, collection processes, and quality systems
2. Sign a contract
We work together with you to create a mutually beneficial supplier agreement
3. Provide biospecimens
Use our existing infrastructure to easily ship your samples to the researchers who need them.

Interested in Joining the Precision Network? Let Precision for Medicine know!