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Same-Day Delivery Available

Available Leukopak Formats

   Leukopak Type/Size
   RUO: Quarter

   RUO: Half

   RUO: Full

   RUO: Mobilized Full

   GMP: Half

   GMP: Full

• Fresh, Cryopreserved
• Healthy, Disease-state
• Fresh, Cryopreserved
• Healthy, Disease-state
• Fresh, Cryopreserved
• Healthy, Disease-state
• Fresh
• Healthy
• Fresh
• Healthy
• Fresh
• Healthy
   Number of Cells
2 billion total cells

4-6 billion total cells

10-12 billion total cells

10-12 billion total cells; up to 625 million CD34+ stem cells
4-6 billion total cells

10-12 billion total cells


Quality Research Begins with Quality Leukopaks

High-quality starting material for your research is critical, and our teams follow strict IRB-approved protocols to ensure optimal cell yield, viability, and quality. Leukopaks provide up to 100x more cells from the same donor than whole blood collections, minimizing donor variability for studies that require assay-to-assay consistency.


The benefits of Precision leukopaks begin with our CLIA-certified, FDA-registered apheresis collection center, allowing for customization of your product from donor identification to delivery. Donor demographics, HLA type, and phenotype can be selected based on your criteria. Our in-house immunology laboratory allows for custom cellular processing of leukopaks into PBMCs, or other isolated cell lines upon request.

What Sets Precision for Medicine's Leukopaks Apart

Donor Selection

Identify and select donors from our donor database based on demographics, HLA type, and phenotype.

Donor Recallability

Recall donors with your desired characteristics to optimize your results.

Same-Day Delivery

The location of our apheresis center allows for same day delivery to Greater Boston, and next-day delivery across the United States.

Same-Day Processing

Our on-site immunology lab allows for a
quick turnaround from collection to
processing, ensuring high cell viabilities.

Customizable Products

From donor selection to processing,
cell isolations, and shipping—our
leukopaks are made to fit your needs.

Detailed Donor Specifications and Information

All donors and facilities meet stringent quality guidelines to guarantee quality products. Donors undergo initial screening prior to their first donation and are rescreened every 3 months to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Demographics
  • Medical history, disease characterization, outcome data
  • CBC report available, all viral negative and vaccination status captured
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Recallable, HLA-typed donors
    • —Ages 18-55
    • —Custom donor specifications upon request

Leukopaks from disease-state donors

Fresh half-leukopaks available from donors with autoimmune or infectious disease indications; cryopreserved half-leukopaks from donors with oncology indications. All diagnoses are confirmed via medical history.

PBMCs isolated from disease-state leukopaks: ≥80% post-thaw viability.

In-House Collections at Precision for Medicine's Apheresis Center

Located in Mansfield, MA

Our in-house, CLIA-certified Apheresis Donor Center is fully equipped with the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System and a staff of experienced nurses and scientific experts. We collect leukopaks from healthy and disease-state donors that are customizable from donor to delivery – to meet your research needs.

Photo of our apheresis center
Photo of our apheresis center
Donor Center Image 1
Donor Center Image 3

Additional Cellular Processing Capabilities

Our full immunology lab can perform additional processing and isolations on our leukopaks to provide you with deeply characterized and customizable products to meet your research needs.

Flow Cytometry
Immunophenotyping panel on leukopaks, PBMC, BMMNC, DTC
(B cells, T cells)
  • Custom panels
  • Purity assessment on isolated cell subsets
  • IFN-y immune responses
  • Custom assays
Cell Culture
  • PBMC
  • DTC
  • Enriched cell populations
  • T-cell expansion
CBC Analysis
  • 5-part differential

  • AV serotype assays
  • Custom assays

Choosing the Right Leukopak for Your Research

Explore Our Therapeutic Areas & Matched Controls

Oncology Rare & Orphan CNS
Metabolic Respiratory Immunology &
Gastroenterology Ophthalmology Infectious
Reproductive Cardiovascular Dermatology

***Other Diseases Available Upon Request

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