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Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), isolated within minutes of draw, with >92% viability. Healthy or diseased, HLA typed, and viral negative.

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Bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMC), viably frozen in autologous serum and DMSO. Available with matched mesenchymal stem cells and serum.

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Diseased or healthy leukopaks with same day shipping available.

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Purified Cell Subsets

Other viable cells including purified immune cells, human whole blood cells, CD34 stem cells, cord blood, DTCs, bone marrow — and other custom isolations.

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Viable Cells That Power Your Research

Advance your program with high quality human cell subsets and data you can trust.

Deeply Characterized
  • Normal and disease state
  • HLA testing
  • Blood pathogen testing
  • Immunophenotyping (18 color flow)
  • Demographics
  • Medical history
  • Cellular characterization
Cell Quality
  • > 92% average lot viability
  • Up to 10 billion cells per donor
  • Cryopreserved in animal-free media, same-day
  • Multi-anticoagulants and tube types
  • Matched plasma and tissue available
  • Purified cell subsets

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Oncology Rare & Orphan CNS
Metabolic Respiratory Immunology &
Gastroenterology Ophthalmology Infectious
Reproductive Cardiovascular Dermatology

***Other Diseases Available Upon Request

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