Critical Biospecimens: How to Source, Optimize, and Utilize Them in Drug and Diagnostic Research

Available through Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: GEN

Biospecimens, and the data generated from them, remain the cornerstone of all therapeutic and diagnostic research and development. Several recent innovations have opened new doors for researchers to gain added benefit from the use of biospecimens in disease research. These innovations include advances in biomarker screening technologies and novel cell technologies, such as liquid biopsy, cell isolation, immune cell phenotyping, and enhancements to analysis approaches, such as machine learning.

In this e-book, we have brought together best practices and leading-edge developments in the industry to help researchers optimize sourcing, utilization, and storage of biospecimens as they move their research and development programs forward. We also take an in-depth look at the Biospecimen Solutions group at Precision for Medicine, a global CRO, and how that group is solving critical challenges related to the suitability, quality, and scalability of biospecimens. Leveraging a proven strategic sourcing approach, Precision for Medicine combines its extensive patient and clinician network with end-to-end logistics, specialized laboratory services, and clinical trial design and execution capabilities to enable fit-for-purpose biospecimen procurement and expedite research.

The demand for complex, well-curated biospecimens is increasing. Researchers who understand how to develop and implement a biospecimen plan that maximizes the generation of high-quality, actionable data can make more informed decisions and accelerate their programs. Download the e-Book now to gain these invaluable insights.

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