Computational Approaches to Enrich, Validate, and Target Biospecimen Analysis, Part 3 – Webinar Summary

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"We're fortunate to be scientists in this age of omics, when a single drop of blood is capable of generating hundreds of thousands of data points in a single experiment," said Culver. "The challenge is how to make full use of these data assets to generate insights and guide decision-making. The Precision for Medicine QuartzBio team and platform were established to tackle this challenge head on."

During the course of R&D, translational teams may want to incorporate and analyze myriad unique sources of data, from gene expression and imunosequencing to functional assays and circulating tumor cells. QuartzBio leverages a proprietary platform, including novel biologically-guided Artificial Intelligence that can be used to identify and make connections among diverse biological data to inform disease modeling, pathway selection, and patient stratification .

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